Sherry Castle Vignette No Name


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Glass wine bottles were ‘sealed’ by placing a molten blob of glass and later, sealing wax on the shoulder of a bottle and impressing it with a seal, thus indicating what product it contained. These ‘original’ metal seals are about an inch (2.25 cm) in diameter and attached to a wood handle, standing approximately 4 inches (10 cm) high.

The seal is depicted as a mirror image / the design being incuse or cut into the metal.

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Sherry AD Cairn Edin., Sherry Castle  No Name, Sherry Holyrood Imperial Wine Stores, Sherry Fine R, Sherry Walter Gibson Glasgow, Sherry Thos Johnston & Son Redding, Sherry S. A. Leith, Sherry Scott Allen Leith, Sherry J.L. & Co London, Sherry Arch MacPhee Glasgow, Sherry Thomas Watson Lanark


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